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CO2 Easy for you...easier on your patients.

Ideal for Long Endoscopic Procedures

The use of CO2 insufflation can make long endoscopic exams such as ERCP, Enteroscopy andColonoscopy more comfortable after the procedure has ended. Until now, these procedureswere performed using standard room air from the light source, or with CO2 in conjunction withcumbersome external regulators, flow meters and specialized valves.

Smart Design

CO2EFFICIENT Endoscopic Insufflator eliminates the need for cumbersome attachments. Itsattractive, compact design can easily be added to your existing endoscopy cart.

CO2EFFICIENT’s proprietary “intelligent” software senses when CO2 is not required by theclinician and reduces its flow. This allows a facility to use their standard Air/Water valveseliminating the use of specialized CO2 valves.


  • Flow mode switch automatically allows optimal flow rate.
  • Conserves gas when using Managed Flow Mode.
  • Less time spent suctioning room air.
  • Eliminates the need for specialized CO2 valves.

Comfort and Safety

  • CO2 is absorbed 150 times faster than the nitrogen in air, and is promptly eliminated via the lungs.5
  • Patients are not subjected to extended discomfort from bloating, cramping and the embarrassment associated with eliminating room air.
  • Helps ensure patient safety through redundant pressure relief valves and automatic flow-stop features that protect against overinsufflation.

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