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Luminiscence Brustspule

Luminescence Breast System

The Perfect Size for the Job

Every woman is unique. Invivo has designed the coils to be large enough to comfortably accommodate practically any size patient while keeping the overall product size small enough for easy setup and removal. Its light-weight components makes placement on the table fast and simple. Technologists love the compact design, which makes the coil easy to lift and store.

Invivo offers the enhanced Luminescence Breast System available for 7, 16, and 32 channel systems.

Better Interventional Access

Large lateral plates allow for better axillary access, while enlarged medial plates improve medial targeting.

These immobilization plates are a simple-to-use, singlepiece disposable design that also feature built-in sealed interventional markers. The enhanced grid immobilization plates continue to provide targeting support for all major vacuum assist biopsy devices.
• Enhanced grid plates improve interventional access
• Built-in sealed fiducial markers
• Easy to use single piece disposable design
• Improved rigidity and sturdiness
• Battery-less interventional lighting
• Supports all major vacuum assist devices
• Medial as well as lateral immobilization
• Optional Post/Pillar guidance with angulations

For an easier MRI-guided intervention, Luminescence provides light where you need it! Twelve optical fibers shine down on the procedure site, improving visibility for interventions. This specially-designed batteryless lighting system lasts the life of the coil.

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