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Sentinelle Brustspule

Sentinelle Breast Coil

Optimize imaging and access, patient care and comfort, and practice efficiency.

Better Images Mean Better Results

Sentinelle coils provide robust configurations options and flexibility in the Breast imaging suite with advanced workflow features focused on patient throughput.

Patients can be positioned comfortably and quickly, thanks to Sentinelle’s Variable Coil Geometry. The positional coil elements can be configured for each patient, decreasing set-up time and increasing patient accomodation. This flexible design helps enhance lateral and medial access to the breast for positioning and intervention.

Variable Coil Geometry

  • Utilizes parallel imaging techniques for high quality imaging resolution 
  • Effective immobilization of the breast helps reduce motion artifact  
  • Independently adjust the coil’s left and right elements to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for each patient  
  • Drives consistent image homogeneity and quality

Sentinelle breast MRI coil systems provide:

  • High quality images, customizable to breast size  
  • Open access for positioning the breast to help provide appropriate coverage of the breast tissue, including the chest wall and axilla  
  •  Four-quadrant access for biopsy  
  • Advanced imaging applications, including parallel imaging, spectroscopy and diffusion weighted imaging  
  • Adjustable apertures to fit coil elements to each patient

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