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DynaCAD Solutions

Invivo continues to build solutions around your needs
and now offers a continuum of products tailored to
your imaging workflow and practice

In addition to greater confidence in their diagnostic abilities,
clinicians benefit from the flexibility, scalability and cost-effective
upgrade paths of the DynaCAD solutions. DynaCAD’s flexibility
provides specialized tools for breast and prostate, as well as
general processing and curve analysis for other applications.
Whether the physician requires a single, standalone workstation
or a broad enterprise system, Invivo Corporation offers best in
class customer service and the most innovative solutions tailored
to enhance the practice of radiologists.

DynaCAD Express

Built upon the powerful components of DynaCAD and DynaCAD
for Prostate, DynaCAD 
Express is the premier cost-effective
solution for medical professionals entering into the 
breast and
prostate MRI practice. DynaCAD Express introduces a streamlined 
set of features available in separate Analysis and Inter ventional
packages while 
optimizing speed, performance and reliability.

DynaCAD Enterprise SP

Featuring all components of the Express package and
implementing Enterprise SP 
client ser ver technology and advanced
analysis tools, DynaCAD Enterprise SP 
is ideal for institutions that
require up to five concurrent users within a department. 
for enhanced visualization of general MR imaging with advanced
tools specific for prostate and breast.


DynaCAD Enterprise XP

Building on the foundation of the Enterprise SP package, DynaCAD
Enterprise XP upgrades users to a high-performance, rackmount
server configuration featuring key hardware attributes needed for
the busiest of departments.


Integral Breast Workspace

Create the ultimate breast system by augmenting your DynaCAD
Enterprise SP or XP 
with the addition of Integral Breast Workspace.
With Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI 
and DynaCAD components,
Invivo offers a single workspot for multi-modality breast 
The Integral Breast addresses the need for integrated image and
management and takes it a step further by seamlessly
interfacing advanced processing 
capabilities for Digital
Mammography, Ultrasound and MR.

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