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DynaSuite Neuro with NeuroQuant®

A Breakthrough Application

Invivo has partnered with CorTechs Labs to provide NeuroQuant quantitative analysis on its DynaSuite Neuro platform. Invivo is offering NeuroQuant as an option to compliment the advanced applications of DynaSuite Neuro which include perfusion, diffusion and functional MRI (fMRI). Data is automatically processed and displayed in predefined layouts which are customizable for each physician’s preference. A simplified user interface provides the neuroradiologist with the tools to analyze cases quickly and easily. Invivo offers extensive sales, service, and applications support to provide the comprehensive solution our customers expect.


Key Features Include

• Fully Automated Segmentation of MRI exams of the whole brain and regional volumetric quantification of structures 

• Automatic Correction for image artifacts including gradient nonlinearities and RF field inhomogeneities 

• Atlas-Based image registration, anatomical segmentation, and volumetric quantification of the hippocampus, ventricles and other brain structures 

• High Validity -- Automated segmentation shown to be highly consistent with that performed by human expert neuroanatomist 

• High Reliability -- Making results ideal for longitudinal follow-up and tracking of disease 

• Numerical Results are automatically compared to normative data to highlight atrophy greater than expected from normal aging 

• Medial Temporal lobe volumes from NeuroQuant shown to be sensitive to MCI and early AD in multi-vendor, multi-site MRI data

NeuroQuant provides two reports from its volumetric analysis, an age related report and a general morphometry report as shown below. DynaSuite Neuro provides special hangings for viewing each report with multi-planer images of the user’s choice.


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