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Expression MR 200

Expression MR 200
Opportunity knocks.

In order to effectively obtain clinically relevant results during MR scans, some patients may need to be monitored. They may be sedated or medicated. They may need a cardiac study, they may have had recent surgery, or they may have other special needs.

In the past, monitoring patients requiring more than SpO2 monitoring during an MR exam meant choosing between low-quality monitors and monitors designed and priced for higher-acuity applications — a tradeoff between affordability and quality.

Invivo provides an elegant solution with the innovative Expression MR200, a patient monitoring system that brings a new level of proven quality and efficiency to core MR monitoring1 — effectively and affordably.

The Expression MR200 is a unique way to open new doors for growing your MR practice both clinically and economically, by performing studies you couldn’t necessarily conduct before. Monitor and manage patients throughout the imaging process with vital core physiologic information — and direct interoperability with broader IT enterprises.

With the Expression MR200, you can expand the number of procedures you offer and the patients you serve — to grow the size of your practice.


Ease of use is designed right in.

The Expression MR200 is designed simply, to operate the way you want it to. Scroll-and-click screen navigation is intuitively easy. Patient connections are quick and uncomplicated. And the clear, quality parameters provide a level of simple reliability that lets you focus more on your patient, less on your equipment.

Set higher productivity in motion. 

Featuring state of the art wireless ECG and SpO2 monitoring, the Expression MR200 lets you monitor and manage sedated patients more easily throughout the MR environment — during induction, transport, imaging and recovery. So you can move patients freely from room to room for better, more efficient workflow.

Affordable with high-quality parameters.

Exceptional decision-making starts here. Philips blends high-quality parameters for the most common MR procedures with people-centric design to make monitoring easy and more productive.

  • ECG

Thanks to proprietary Philips Advanced Gradient software, the Expression MR200 delivers consistent ECG information for common clinical magnets up to and including 3.0 Tesla.

  • SpO2

Wireless SpO2 monitoring uses a digital signal to provide precise values for saturation and fast acquisition, even on pediatrics, overcoming many issues associated with traditional pulse oximetry, such as low perfusion, patient movement, or intense ambient light.

  • NIBP

The non-invasive blood pressure measurement on the Expression MR200 uses the oscillometric method to produce numeric values for systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure. Readings can be taken manually or at automated intervals.

  • CO2 and Respiration (Optional)

Advanced sidestream capnography technology provides exceptional CO2 and respiration quality advantages. View numeric values for CO2 and respiration, as well as real-time waveform values for CO2.

Connectivity that helps you stand out by fitting in.

Share your results with ease. Blending Philips’ exceptional expertise in both IT and monitoring, the Expression MR200 offers easy IT network interoperability via the Expression IP5 information portal.

All patient vitals monitored during the MR exam are sent to your hospital information and record-keeping systems to help your hospital IT strategy succeed, and for exceptional care and management throughout the MR imaging experience.

The bottom line: Expression solutions are the gateway to smarter decisionmaking not only in the MR suite, but also across your enterprise.

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