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An MRI Exam shouldn´t be a high-wire act
Wireless technology speeds workflow and reduces downtime, while maximizing patient comfort and safety.

Invivo’s industry-exclusive wireless technology makes it easy to move the patient from room to room, expediting patient management and workflow in the MRI suite.

Sensor setup is fast and simple in the induction area. Wireless ECG, SpO2 and respiration mean fewer lines in the exam room. And remote monitoring allows you to continue to track vital signs in the recovery room without the need for extensive – and expensive – wireless router networks.

Wireless technology helps increase patient comfort and safety too. Shorter cables reduce the risk of cable heating. And with their unique one-piece design and large wet-gel contact area, Quadtrode® electrodes also dissipate heat to help eliminate burning. Plus Expression is the only monitor to offer complete infection control, with disposable options for every parameter: MRI internal body temperature sensors, MRI SpO2 grips, Quadtrode electrodes, blood pressure cuffs and end tidal CO2 sample lines and cannulas.

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