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Patient management made easier.

Patient management is easy and convenient with Invivo MRI patient monitoring systems. Designed to replicate common OR workflow processes, Invivo MRI patient monitoring systems always give you the right information at the right time – whether the patient is in induction, transportation, the exam room or recovery. So mount them on an anesthesia cart, patient table or freestanding pedestal and get on a roll toward more efficient, uninterrupted patient workflow.

Faster patient induction – Quadtrode ECG electrodes allow quick placement on the patient, while ensuring maximum ECG performance. Wireless ECG, SpO2 and respiratory connections eliminate the need for long cables that can become damaged or tangled, getting between you and your patient. Hospitals that replace their fragile, expensive cables with wireless vital signs can increase uptime while reducing operating costs.

Safe and efficient patient transport – Shorter cables increase throughput by requiring fewer hands. Keeping cables on the patient table and in their holder reduces stress and damage to cables, increasing their useful life. This prevents expensive, accidental damage, which is common with other systems.

Uninterrupted monitoring during patient exams – Data continuity between monitors makes it easy to switch patients from one monitor to another without interruption.

Remote monitoring during recovery – Patients can continue to be remotely monitored.


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