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DynaCAD for Prostate

DynaCAD für Prostate

DynaCAD for Prostate is a digital imaging system with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for performing real-time image analysis of prostate MRI studies.

DynaCAD for Prostate provides you with:

A powerful, easy-to-navigate MR image analysis system
Quick processing and management of large volumes of data with configurable work lists
Custom hanging protocols that open ready to read
All patient studies are synchronized for easy review
Complete, extensive summary reports with all important aspects of the study
Automated, computer-guided inter ventional software: DynaLOC
Full integration with DynaTRIM biopsy hardware

Advanced Visualization:

• Colorized parametric maps for imaging data sets provide clear visualization of changes in MR signal intensity 
• Real-time interactive access to time-intensity curve data
• Additional Curve Fits for improved evaluation of kinetic data 
• Images are automatically synchronized and can be reformatted in any plane
• MPR and subtraction images are automatically generated for the reader
• Capable of processing all time points without having to reprocess the study

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