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IRadimed MRidium

IRadimed MRidium 3860+

Designed for the MR environment.

The new 3860+ offers significantly upgraded performance and features to the already proven MRidium MR pump product line. With the addition of a 10 key numeric input keypad and it's wider pumping range of O.l mL/Hr to 1400 ml/Hr, the 3860+ series allows quick programming and broad fluid flow control. The drug library has been enhanced to allow user profiles to be stored and easily transferred via the SD memory card to other pumps. With the addition of the Masimo SET Sp02 monitoring and specialized fiber optic sensor, the 3860+ facilitates both safe sedation AND monitoring in one portable MR safe unit.

Other features you have come to expect from IRadimed include non-magnetic Linear Peristaltic Infusion Pump designed from the 'ground up' for use in the MR Environment. Approved for use in 0.2 to 3 T Magnets. Completely operational up to the 10,000 Gauss Line. 


Dose Rate Calculator, Bolus Dose Programming, Secondary Drug Delivery, Syringe Delivery, Adjustable Occlusion Pressure, KVO, SpO2 monitoring, and Alarm Settings, CQI Data Ability w/Tracking Software which records up to 3000 Entries, Integrated Set and Pump based Free Flow Protection, 12 Hour Battery Life, Expansion to second pump channel with optional 'Side Car' Module, ability to charge while plugged in during scans. Weight is 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) with 1133 battery pack.

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