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3865 MRidium Wireless Remote Control

The 3865 Wireless Remote allows for complete control and monitoring of the MRidium™ MR Pump from locations outside of the magnet room. The MR compatible wireless link relays all commands and display information bi-directionally between the 3860+ MR Pump with SpO2 Monitoring and the 3865 Remote Control. Utilizing the same user interface and large bright display as the MRidium™ Pump, the wireless Remote Control unit allows adjustment of all pump and SpO2 Monitoring parameters, rates, dose, volume, pump run/stop, alarms adjust or reset, as well as real time titration. 

The 3865 Remote Control also serves as a battery charger for a MRidium™ battery pack, or even a spare. It utilizes a proven MR compatible 2.4 Ghz FH spread spectrum radio technology for easy installation and artifact free operation.

Infant, Pediatric and Adult Anesthesia

The 3860+MRidium MRI Pump with SpO2 Monitoring offers users the unique ability to have SpO2 monitoring and IV delivery combined. This simple but unique feature offers users the ability to start sedations outside of the MRI, transport to the scan, and back to recovery without having to discontinue monitoring on the patient.

MRidium Vented Syringe Adapter Set

The MRidium™ Syringe Adapter IV Set allows for accurate delivery of IV fluids directly from standard 10 to 60 cc Syringes, without having to add additional IV tubing or extension sets.

Providing critical medication delivery at low flow rates and bolusing just got easier with our new expanded rate range from 0.1 to 1400 ml per hour. Ideal for Cardiac Medications, Anesthesia, and Pediatric drug delivery, the low priming volume of 4 ml allows for minimal waste of medication.

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